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23 is a boutique architectural branding firm specializing in crafting tangible visual solutions for commercial spaces. Our multi-faceted approach designs to improve the visual experience and triggers positive emotions of employees, customers, and visitors. Service includes:


*Provide Wall Design Solutions – such as legacy walls, donor walls, lobby walls, update spaces with new logo

*Develop a Cohesive Wall Design for the Entire Building(s)

*Create an Architectural Wall Design Bid Package to get the best value 


*Analyze Existing Brand Present Efficiency – current placement/size of your logo and implementation of the company’s mission

*Develop a Holistic Framework and Guidelines – implementation plan for visual solutions for your office

*Provide Efficient Brand Implementations – create a detailed schedule and budget


*Provide Cohesive Public Art Design - provide a contextual approach to the project with respect to landscape and architecture

*Develop Public Art Bid Package



*Provide a Wall Art Consulting – provide several theme ideas/trends appropriate for your office/workplace that align with your company’s vision

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