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As any architectural projects, there is a process and procedure! Step two will not happen until step 1 is completed. The fabrication and installation could take up to 3 -4 weeks after the design was approved and the design intent package was sent to the fabricator/installator. Typical key steps of raised lettering installation are:

1. Site verification and shop drawing (3-5 business days): After the final artwork was sent to the shop, the fabricator/installer should proceed with a site verification, scale the file, and send the designer a shop drawing to review.

2. Fabrication (up to 5 business days): Once the shop drawing is approved, the vector file is used for two purposes: print and cut. Printing was done on a double-sided stick vinyl tape, and the cutting done was on material specified. The cut letterings would later be sent to paint and let dry.

3. Installation (2-3 days): The sticky-back body of text will be installed first. The installer will level the body of text and adhere the sticky-back template to the wall, They then have to peel off the backing which allows the other sticky surface to receive the letters. The installer then applies each letter one by one. The image shown was the walls for the Carlisle project which took Airpark Signs about three days to install.

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